CapBuzz and BatWoody - Buzz and Woody - Toy Story

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Need 2 of the most epic living toys to help sport Captain America and Batman apparel and advance your nerdery? LOOK NO FURTHER!

A print of a realistic graphite pencil drawing of Buzz and Woody from Toy Story sporting Captain America and Batman apparel is SURE to advance your nerdery and please any super-fan!

This print will pull you into the detail and keep you there until you are FORCED to seek out a television and rewatch EVERY Toy Story movie from the very beginning!

Prove you're a true fan and display this artwork proudly in your TV room, your office, or even your bedroom! It looks great ANYWHERE!

8.5x11" and 11x17" - Glossy Finish - 100lb Paper - Standard Frame Size - Printed Signature of the Artist